My Sharona

Animated My Sharona tab by The Knack on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main guitar for the song, all the catchy riffs are played here. We've taken out the lead guitar from the audio as it isn't necessary and only plays solos. We'll show those in a separate ActionTab.

This song is best learned as a sequence of riffs:

Main Riff - The song starts with the main riff. The chords that start here also signify the next repeat. Just play the riff again every time after them. The riff is quite simple, but very tricky to play fast. You need to skip the A string to bounce between notes during the riff. This will take practice, so go slowly at first until you have the hang of it and then work on the speed. Once you have learned this main riff, the rest will be easier because most of them are similar in nature.

Variation 1 - He plays this variation of the main riff while building up to the end of the verse / beginning of the first solo. It's very similar to the main riff, except each note is picked twice. And the chord sequence finishing this riff variation is slightly different.

Variation 2 - Straight after the previous riff, this next variation is played. It is the exact same as the main riff except it ends slightly differently. It carries on a little longer and then ends using these few chords.

Variation 3 - This next variation comes straight after. It starts off like the main riff, but switches to this little lead lick. This riff is played 3 times and comes during the first solo. During this part of the song this guitar is actually trading lead licks with the lead guitar. End on the D5, then return to the main riff again.

Ending - Next up is the last part of the song. This is just a 5 chord progression repeated over and over until the end of the song. It is the backing for the epic solo played on the other guitar. Here's the Chord sequence:

C major - G major - F major - C major - G major (repeat LOTS)

Then end the song on this D5 powerchord.

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