Mutter (Guitar 1)

Animated Mutter (Guitar 1) tab by Rammstein on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is easily broken down into a few repeating sections. Once you know each riff, just repeat as necessary.

Riff A involves fast picking through a E minor Chord, followed by a B major Chord. Repeat.

Riff B is a little melodic lick first appearing here. Shortly afterwards, the song returns to Riff A again, and then Riff B is played for a longer duration (better for practicing, so here's the link).

Riff C consists of some easy powerchords here.

Afterwards there is an interlude (nothing to play on guitar).

Riff D is exactly the same melodic lick as Riff B, except everything is shifted up 2 frets higher.

Riff E is a similar powerchord progression to Riff C, again, everything is shifted up 2 frets higher.

End song by playing out on Riff D, and that's the main guitar part for this song!

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