Muting 15 - Funky Carrot

Animated Muting 15 - Funky Carrot tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This tune is from the Core Skills section on Muting.

Funky, rocky, and brilliant. Imagine you are in a 70's Car chase. Starsky and Hutch are after you for pimpin those tunes...Move those medallions out of the way and turn on your radio - this is what you hear.

A wah-wah pedal will help you get the effect heard in the normal speed version, but don't worry - the ActionTab version doesn't use any effects so you can concentrate on your muting, bending, sliding and deep study of funkism.

You don't have to use the thumb to mute from the top of the strings as is shown. However, when playing fast it will help stop those lower strings sounding out. The thumb is only used for muting the strings - it doesn't have to play any notes, so just lay it across the top of the strings - it doesn't matter where exactly, just as long as those strings don't sound out.

To play funk well, it is best to keep your strumming hand constantly strumming across the strings in a quick up and down motion. Most of the string control is then left to your fretboard hand. It is with your fretboard hand that you either mute or play notes / chords.

Your strumming hand becomes a bit like the rhythm 'engine', and your fretboard hand is doing all the steering. When strumming, you can strike only one string or more, but it is important to keep the up / downstroke movement consistent.

Occasionally putting breaks in the rhythm (keep the hand strumming motion flowing, but just don't hit any strings) can also be used to good effect. There are some examples of that being done in this tune. Those are the 'gaps' in between strikes that you hear.

Tune Breakdown:

C min - slide to - C# min (repeat)
Eb min - slide to - E min
C min - slide to - C# min (repeat)
move up 1 more fret to play the G min (same chord shape)

The next part is a funky riff sequence played between the E major and F# major (positioned around frets 7 and 9). Watch the ActionTab carefully to follow the bending, muting and notes being played. Occasional chord strikes punctuate the rhythm, but remember to keep the strumming regular (down / up / down / up etc).

Get out that wah-wah pedal and WAH!!!

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