Mother (Solo)

Animated Mother (Solo) tab by Pink Floyd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a typical Gilmore solo - using plenty of bends and the muted occasional sweep. It is a good solo to learn because it sounds great and is quite short. However, like most solos, it isn't for new beginners. You need some measure of the basic techniques behind you before attempting it.

The song (which we looked at here) is in the key of G major and the solo uses the G major scale notes.

Much of the solo is straightforward enough to follow. If the muted sweeps are too tricky, just skip them and go straight to the bends instead.

Incidentally, the E natural minor scale is the relative minor scale of G major. That means it shares identical notes with the G major scale, but starts and finishes on the E note rather than G. So if you are more familiar with thinking in terms of minor scales, then treat the solo as being an E minor scale instead. A lot of rock / blues guitarists like to think in terms of minor scales when soloing. If you would like to know more about relative minor scales then get stuck ito the Theory section on scales.

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