Animated Mother tab by Pink Floyd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song involves just 4 chords and a rather sweet Gilmore solo. We look at the solo separately here. In this ActionTab we'll just run through the song chords. Pick up that acoustic guitar and stick to the following chord progressions:

G major - C major - D major (once only) - G major

This repeats a few times, sometimes leaving out the D major chord change. Just stick to G and C major, and you can't really go wrong for the verses.

For the part where the lyrics go: "Ooohhh...ahhhh...Mother should I build the wall?" play:

D major - C major - G major

And then back into the G - C - D - G verse chords again, followed once more by the last D - C - G chord progression. After that, we have a different set of chords:

F major - C major (Lyrics here are: "Mama's gonna make all your nightmares come true" etc). Alternate between these two chords a few times and then go to G major. Then just alternate between D major and C major (lyrics here are "Ohhh Babe (three times)....course mama's gonna help build the wall")

Then the solo kicks in. Meanwhile the rhythm guitar reverts to the G major and C major chords again (with one D major towards the end for good measure).

Everything else in the song is just more of the same chord progressions.

Our advice is not to worry too much about getting the strumming directions precise all the way through. Just get a feel for the song and play through the chords in your own way. Listening to the normal speed audio, or original song (if you have it) will help. As long as you have the basic chords changes memorised, you can develop your own strumming patterns that will work well with this song. Then you will be more free to concentrate on singing along rather than worrying about how many up / downstrums to use!

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