More Than a Feeling (Electric)

Animated More Than a Feeling (Electric) tab by Boston on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are at least 3 guitars used in this song. We've already looked at the acoustic guitar (played by the singer). Now we'll deal with the 2 electric guitars.

The electric guitars mainly play during the choruses. So, we show the acoustic guitar parts where nothing's happening on electric. If you have a footswitch, just swap between clean and distorted sound as appropriate.

Also, this is the main electric (rhythm) guitar. There are little lead licks and harmonies played on a second lead guitar. We'll link to those little parts individually in the text here. So if you hear another guitar in the ActionTab but don't see the dots moving for it, then check here!

Quicklinks to the other guitar parts:

Acoustic - Lead 1 - Lead 2 - Lead 3 - Lead 4

The electrics play natural harmonics at certain places, the first time is during the intro. Use the harmonics over the 7th and 12th fretwires as shown. Just remember that for harmonics you touch the string on the sweet spot, pick, and then instantly release your finger. The dots remain on the fretboard in the ActionTab only to show you how long to keep that harmonic sounding...Don't keep your finger there!

On the last harmonic (click here, play and listen) use the whammy bar. Just waver it up and down lightly.

The other guitar comes in here for the first time. It plays a little lead lick (incidentally it's similar each time). Meanwhile this guitar comes scorching into the chorus riff with a pickslide. Hold the edge of the pick flat to the strings and drag it down to get that slide / scrape sound.

After that is the chorus which we looked at already in the Acoustic guitar ActionTab (it's nice and simple powerchords). Most of the time this electric guitar follows the acoustic guitar exactly - so if you know that, this will be straightforward enough.

Into the next verse there is a D major held, followed by more harmonics.

Again, at the pre-chorus both electrics play a harmony together. The licks are very similar, click here for guitar 2's harmony.

Next divergence for this guitar is before the main solo here. Again, the other lead guitar comes in halfway through the solo to play a harmony (click here).

Towards the end of the song this guitar kicks in again here with some palm muting. There is one last harmony (guitar duet) again towards the end of the song. To view the other lead guitar part - click here.

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