More Than a Feeling (Acoustic)

Animated More Than a Feeling (Acoustic) tab by Boston on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here's the acoustic guitar part for this excellent song. We'll look at the electric guitar / lead fills separately in other ActionTabs. For the most part, the electric guitars play the same as this guitar. So if you learn this, you'll know the majority of the song already. It sounds great as just an acoustic piece, and besides, this is the only guitar part that plays through the whole song!

As a tip, the most common chords are G and D major. So, keep your 3rd finger on or around that D note (3rd fret B string) and you'll be in position for most of the chords used in the song!

Notice that a pick is used to play through the chords - not fingerpicking. Of course, you can fingerpick if you prefer, but it is picked in the original song. Picking helps give that nice jangly sound (picks are more 'edgy' sounding than fingers), plus use plenty of chorus on the guitar sound.

The song isn't too complex really. Just pick through a standard chord sequence during the verses, and rock out with powerchords during the choruses.

The song follows the following chord progressions:

Intro / Verses: D sus4 / D major - C sus2 - G major (B as bass note) - G major

Repeat that until the pre-chorus: C add9 - G major (B as bass note) - A minor - C add9 - G major - D major - D sus4

Don't worry about those 'sus / add' chord titles - these are just slight variations of the standard major chords. They are not more difficult to play or anything like that!

After that part, put on yer wellies and stomp through the powerchords of the chorus:

G5 - C5 - E5 - D5 - C5 (first time only, replace the C5 with an open A string every time after that.)

Repeat that lots.

At the end of the chorus, things mellow down a little and the following chords are strummed...

Eb major - E m7 - A sus4 - A major - A sus2 - A major - G major - G maj variant - G major - D major (don't worry about using the thumb if you can't do that - just play the high 4 strings instead) - D add9/sus4 - A sus4

Then progress to pick through D sus2 - C sus2 - G major (B as bass note) - G major which bridges us nicely back to the Verse chords (same as intro, shown above).

Altogether a lovely song with some great chord progressions...well worth learning! It sounds good on just acoustic, but the electric parts are mighty too - so let's look at those next.

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