Metal Riff

Animated Metal Riff tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This riff is downright metal. Not only does it make your grandma is simple to play too!

To play this riff - prepare your fingers in an F powerchord shape (note the 3rd and 4th fingers prepared on the A and D strings). Keep your first finger off the string, above the F note (fret 1 on the Low E string). This is important because you will need it quickly when it is time to hammer on / pull off the F note.

The strumming hand plays 2 fast dampened downstrokes on the open Low E string before strumming 3 strings openly. For this open strum, quickly take the edge of your palm away from the strings to stop the dampening, and play the low E, and C, F notes together - (the C and F should be already held by the 3rd and 4th fingers).

As soon as you have 'stabbed' this chord - it is time to play the hammer on / pull off on the F note with your fretboard (finger 1 - red dot).

You will need to work both hands well together to get the rhythm correct. If you are having difficulties, try playing the riff without the hammer on / pull off. Get the strumming hand action right first. Once you can get the correct rhythm with your strumming hand, work on 'dropping in the hammer on / pull off with your first finger.

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