Matter and Motion

Animated Matter and Motion tab by Borknagar on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

A very easy metal tune, strongly recommended for new guitarists. The guitar plays just a 4 chord progression. This 4 chord progression is repeated from the middle of the song until the end.

Loop the ActionTab and cycle through these 4 powerchords:

B5 - Bb5 - B5 - F5

Play along until you get swift, smooth chord changes - in time with the music. This kind of practice is very important for learning to get your chord changes right and comfortable. Keep practicing until you can play along with the music without a break in flow.

The guitar comes in halfway through the original song. It compliments the piano melody (which is a lot more complex). You can hear the full tune in the normal speed audio (under Tools in the Menu Bar).

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