Love Hurts (Lead)

Animated Love Hurts (Lead) tab by Nazareth on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the lead guitar part for the song. If you've done the main guitar part, you'll know that the F and C major chords have a little distorted guitar backing appearing periodically through the song. We've put that in here:

F major
C major

these chords are also played:


During the bridge, just a C major is played. The rest of the time, it's back to good old F major and C major.

The solo is a little unusual. In the song it is played using lots of feedback. This means that it is mostly played a register lower than we show here. The high feedback level raises the pitch an octave higher. This takes a lot of setting up on your amp and effects pedals. It is just as easy to play it right, without trying to use feedback control - just raising it an octave higher. So that's the way we do it here.

It's not a difficult solo at all. However, the long sustain on the notes in the song is due to the feedback (which has a very long sustain). This can be emulated with a sustain pedal, and plenty of high gain on your amp. Using vibrato to play the notes will also cause them to last significantly longer. And don't forget - you can just keep picking the note as it starts to fade!

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