Living After Midnight

Animated Living After Midnight tab by Judas Priest on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This vintage Priest song is nice and easy to learn. It revolves around 2 main powerchord sequences for the verses / choruses and has a fairly simple solo too. Just before the solo there is also a bridge, which has its own distinct chord sequence.

The song uses traditional rock n' roll chord progressions (hence that almost 'Status Quo' feel) and is rooted in the key of E minor. The song actually starts on the chorus riff:

Chorus: E5 - D5 - A5 - B5 (repeat again, but play the last B5 longer).

Verse: E5 - G5 - E5 - G5 - E5 (repeat, then hold G5 - F#5 - B5 and quickly stab the D5)

Bridge: A maj - A sus4 (just alternate between them by adding / removing your 2nd finger). E5 - G5 - E5 (repeat)

Then play B5 - D5 - B5 - before hitting the solo.

Just beware that the key to this song is in the rhythm. Most of the muted strokes are on the beat and played with a downstroke, immediately followed by a chord stab upstroke. This gives that 'off-beat' feel to the rhythm guitar.

To do it right, just keep squeezing your fretboard fingers on and off the strings as you play each chord. Squeeze for the upstrokes, release for the downstrokes (this will mute the strings). By 'release' we mean just release the pressure off the strings so the notes aren't sounding, but still keep your fingers on the strings (in the chord shape)! Otherwise you won't get that rhythmic 'muted' sound.

This way your fretboard hand stays on the chord (with pressure on the frets or not, depending). The trick is to co-ordinate the down / upstrokes with the squeezing. Just work at one chord until you get it, then the rest will come much easier!

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