Livin' on a Prayer

Animated Livin' on a Prayer tab by Bon Jovi on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Some classic Hair Metal here. Richie Sambora (the guitarist) uses quite a few effects on the guitar sound in this song. We're playing it without effects so you can concentrate on the guitar easier. The song kicks off with this signature riff...

Intro / Main Riff - The very first note is more of an 'entrance note'. It's best to think of the riff as starting on note 2 (Low E) and ending on the 8th note after that. Just keep repeating this simple 8 note riff. Follow the picking directions, this will help you with playing it correctly.

There are sometimes little variations during this riff later in the song. Sometimes he plays a couple of powerchords instead, like here, before continuing with the main riff. And later does a little lead fill.

Chorus - Straightforward stuff here. Just use powerchords and the Low E note occasionally. Stick to using downstrokes throughout.

Solo - Start off with the natural harmonics on frets 12, 7 and 5. Check out the Core Skills video / exercises on harmonics for more on this technique to learn more about it. After that, it's into the good old E natural minor scale for some Spandex Soloing.

Outro - This is similar to the chorus, there are less chords, and everything is now shifted into a higher key for that epic ending.

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