Little Wing

Animated Little Wing tab by Jimi Hendrix on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main guitar for Little Wing. Use a clean tone for your guitar amp, and use a little reverb. Also be warned that this is a difficult piece for guitar. Hendrix used his thumb a lot to fret bass notes, and there are many little flourishes that take good technical skill. Don't leap into it unless you are ready!

The song is in Eb tuning, so tune each guitar string down by 1 note to:

Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

The song follows a progression of some common chords. They just aren't played in a straightforward way (typical Hendrix). If you realise that, then the fancy bits become a little easier because you will see the context of the full chords as you progress through them (and therefore where the fingers are likely to be placed). Also, if you are struggling with any tricky parts, just playing the main chord instead will get you through.

The basic chord progression is...

E minor - A minor - G major - A minor - E m7 - B minor - Bb major - A minor - G major - F major - C major - D major

Use the whammy bar for this part - just slowly lower it. In the next ActionTab we'll show the fantastic solo that Jimi plays towards the end of the song (you can hear it in the normal speed audio)!

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