Little Finger Hammer

Animated Little Finger Hammer tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is an exercise from the Core Skills section about Hammer ons.

It is designed to help you develop that shy little finger, and turn it into a guitar-playing monster. This fast-paced tune is fingerpicked and alternates between notes of the E minor and A minor chords. Keep your index finger at the second fret position for most of this tune.

Hammer ons are often easier to play using your stronger fingers, and the little finger is easily left out. Not any more. Here the little finger is used to play a double hammer on across 2 strings. This is difficult to get a clear sound with. You will need to stretch and still have the power to deliver the hammer ons quickly and loudly. If you are new to guitar keep practicing and build up strength. It will come with time and patience - try hammering just one string at first if you are having too much difficulty.

If in difficulty - Practice some double hammers higher up the fretboard. The higher up the fretboard you go, the closer together the frets get. This makes it easier to hammer without stretching too far. Find a place higher up the fretboard where you can make a comfortable 4-fret spread, between 1st and 4th fingers. Practice the hammer ons there until you can do them. Then move back down through the frets one-by-one (stopping to practice) until you can comfortably hammer across a 4-fret spread between your index and little finger even at the lowest frets.

It will take patience and practice to get up to speed with the normal speed audio. Just get consistent with the ActionTab speed before moving on to the next exercise!

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