Layla - Guitar 2 (Main Lead)

Animated Layla - Guitar 2 (Main Lead) tab by Eric Clapton on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

If you've already read about the Rhythm Guitar ActionTab for Layla, then you'll know there are a lot of guitar layers in the song - up to 5 at once at some points! Fear not, we are condensing the tune to play on 2 guitars - rhythm and lead (this is the Lead), rather than get insanely complicated. This keeps things humanly possible for you to learn, and is still true to the song. We are simply cutting out some of the guitar layers that aren't necessary.

You can hear in this ActionTab how just 2 guitars do fine. That's mainly because all the extra lead guitar parts that Clapton recorded are just harmonies, fills, and solos over the top of other solos. For all of that, there is still one main lead guitar that runs throughout the song. Take it out, and you've got problems. The song won't sound right. That's the main lead guitar part we look at in this ActionTab....

The main lead guitar for Layla closely follows the rhythm guitar. The main lead licks aren't too difficult to learn. They are really just pentatonic licks for D minor (intro and choruses) and C# minor (verses).

There is an exception at the start. The first few bars of the intro also use Am pentatonic. This just at the start of the ActionTab and is one of the harmonies continued through the song by another guitar. It isn't played again using the main lead. From that point on think only D minor and C# minor licks.

The intro / chorus D minor licks are straightforward enough. Just make sure you get the full bends right (bend up by 2 notes / pitches).

However, just like the rhythm guitar we looked at before, there are little twists and frilly bits (during the C#m verses) that can be awkward. A lot of people would rather improvise their own solos during these parts, and that's certainly not a bad thing to do. But if you are set on learning a bit about Clapton's style then stick with the lead shown here. He is famous for his blues playing (amongst other things), and there are some nice licks here to learn and adapt into your own lead style. Be prepared to do a lot of bends!

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