Animated Know Your Enemy tab by Rage Against the Machine on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

From the 1992 Album by RATM (also called Rage Against the Machine), this track is full of Tom Morello trickery.

He uses a guitar 'pitch-shifter' effect during the intro and the solo. Specifically set to be a 5th above each note played (that's 7 frets higher). You can hear the effect in the ActionTab. The way it works is that you can still play / hear each normal note, but each note is also doubled and raised by a 5th, giving a weird effect. So you get 2 notes playing at the same time: Your original note, plus a note 1 fifth higher. It is also known as a 'harmonizer' effect, which Morello is big into using.

Don't let the pitch shifter / harmonizer put you off learning the song, as it still sounds ok without the effect (although the solo really needs it). Besides the trickery, there are some class metal riffs to learn in this song. They are pretty easy, and fun to play, with no effects other than distortion.

Here are the song segment links:

Intro use pitch-shifter effect then turn it off for - Main Riff 1 - Main Riff 2 - Main Riff 1 - Main Riff 2 - Bridge - Hit the pitch shifter effect on for the Solo - Turn it off again here - do some breakdown licks then finish on Main Riff 2

The solo is particularly fast - giving this ActionTab a high difficulty level. However, the main (fun) parts of the song, particularly Main Riff 1 and Main Riff 2 are not so hard at all, just fast - which always comes with practice!

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