Animated Killing in the Name (Solo) tab by Rage Against the Machine on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Again, tune to Drop D for the song (even though the solo doesn't use the Low D string). The solo is only viable for those with a Whammy Pedal (not a Whammy Bar). Tom Morello is famous for his use of the whammy pedal in his solos. So, even though the fingers are staying on the same notes, the notes will suddenly shoot up an octave in pitch - that's pushing down on the pedal.

The solo is actually quite simple, but very fast. Use tremolo picking (constant down / upstrokes) through the D pentatonic minor scale. it's 8 picks per note at the start, but notice that the whammy pedal is also used every 4 picks. That gives the sudden switch between low and high squeely notes.

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