Kickstart my Heart (Solo)

Animated Kickstart my Heart (Solo) tab by Mötley Crüe on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the main solo for Kickstart my Heart. It comes in toward the end of the song and plays out until the end. The guitar is in D tuning, so if you are in standard tuning drop every string by 2 notes to:

D tuning: Low D : G : C : F : A : D

Mick Mars loves his whammy bar, the solo even starts with a press down on it. If you don't have a whammy bar, just use normal vibrato instead. It'll sound good enough.

The solo mostly uses the pentatonic minor scale. It is very fast in places and not very beginner friendly. However, there are still some licks worth picking out if you are interested in developing solo techniques....

Pull Off Trick - Licks like this are good for 2 reasons. They sound good, and they are quite easy to get fast with. Every other note is just the open string sounded out by the preceding pull off. While the open string is sounding you have time to move your finger to the next note.

You can run through any pull off notes you like to create your own melodies. The notes that work best will be those consistent with any scales relating to the open string. That's because the open string (D in this case) is sounded every second time, therefore it becomes the key tone - just because it is played the most. So any scale related to that key tone will sound good. In this case, the D natural minor scale is used.

Open -> Bend - He uses this little trick quite a lot. It sounds great and is quite easy with a little practice. Just bong the open string, then play this bend. It's important to play both notes together (the bend AND the fretted note on the highest string). You can see clearly in the ActionTab how to play the bend. What's happening here is that the bend starts lower, but then reaches the same note that's being held at fret 5 by the first finger. So you are bending 'into' the same note. It sounds great and you can see that Mick Mars uses this trick quite a lot!

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