Kickstart my Heart

Animated Kickstart my Heart tab by Mötley Crüe on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is in D tuning, co if you are in standard tuning you'll need to tune each string down by 2 notes to:

Low D : G : C : F : A : D

There are some great riffs in this song, and each is actually quite short and simple to learn. Most of the riffs use downstrokes only. This makes the song somewhat easier to learn. However, you will still need to know the common rock technique of alternating between palm-muting / open pick strokes. Our difficulty rating is mostly down to the speed which is required to play the song at normal speed. But if you take it slowly, it's not too hard to learn. The speed is just down to practice. The guitarist Mick Mars likes his whammy bar, but you don't need one to play the song. Just skip the whammy intro, and on fretted notes with whammy bar just apply vibrato with your fingers instead.

Intro - The 'motorcycle' trick is done with a floyd rose whammy bar on the open strings shown here. Slowly depress the whammy and release. Changing the strings gives the 'changing gears' effect. If you don't have a whammy bar, just skip it. After that, play this short repeating riff.

Catchy Riff - This next riff is the one that most people want to know from the song. It's used in the song choruses, although it makes its first appearance here (before the first verse). It involves some pull offs and simple chord changes. Use downstrokes for nearly everything.

Verse - Basically this is the same as the intro riff, except with more palm muted downstrokes. It is interspersed with this short chord progression.

Pre-Chorus - Nice and easy bridge to the Chorus. Just repeat these 4 chord shapes twice and then whammy down on the open string.

Chorus - This is the same as the catchy riff encountered earlier, except extended. The main difference is that it ends by some good old chugging on these powerchords at the end.

Most of the rest of the song is just repeats of the previous riffs (we're dealing with the solos in separate ActionTabs). That is, except for these last 2 parts...

Interlude - Switch to a clean guitar sound for the acoustic interlude. This is very straightforward, just cycle through the following chord shapes...

A5 - G5 - D5 - A5 - G5 - D major / sus4 (pull off little finger, there is a second guitar overdub he uses on this chord too)

Just repeat that chord sequence until it's time to hit the distortion again.

Outro - This is just battering powerchords in that typical epic glam rock ending Motley Crue are famous for. They tend to finish their live sets using this song. Hence the energetic ending. Just strum like fury through the powerchords as shown here.

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