Jazz-Rock Lydian Solo A

Animated Jazz-Rock Lydian Solo A tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

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Now we've made a couple of modal progressions that suit the Lydian mode, it's solo time. This solo is in a jazz-rock style and we use some 'phrases'. A phrase is a little melody line (sequence of notes). Sometimes we call them 'licks'.

Often a phrase is repeated, and twists are sometimes added. Here we use different types of phrases depending on the backing progression, as well as some freeform solo stuff. We are sticking to the two F Lydian scales shown here.

A distinguishing feature of the F Lydian mode is the 4th note B. This distinguishes the scale from its common relative, the F major scale:

F Major Scale: F G A Bb C D E F

F Lydian Mode: F G A B C D E F

You can see here that the only difference between the 2 scales is the 4th note. In the F Lydian Mode it is B, not Bb.

We make use of the B note quite a lot to help us get a bit more of that 'lydian feel'. Other main notes to focus on are F - A - C - E.

In this solo we start by making a simple repeating Phrase during the first Chord Progression (Fmaj7-G). Nothing too fancy, but still pleasant and melodic. This is all using the low Lydian scale, and ends with a little run down through that.

Next the second backing chord progression kicks in (Fmaj7-Em7), and we go a lot more freeform. Notice how the special B note is emphasized a lot now. If you are a beginner, don't worry if this part of the solo is too difficult. We're using it to show you how the lydian mode can sound rather than expecting you to pull it off on day one! That said, practicing it will certainly help you. Listen to the normal speed audio to see how the whole thing sounds at proper speed.

After a while, the backing music reverts to the First Chord Progression again (Fmaj7-G). And we play a similar repeating phrase again. However this time it is played with a few more notes and 'rocking out' on the low B note. Use fast alternate down / up picking (palm muted) for that. If it is too advanced for you, just pick the note once and hold it instead.

Try out your own solos with the Backing ActionTab, or download and play along with the extended Backing mp3 file.

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