Jazz 2-5-1 Lydian Solo A

Animated Jazz 2-5-1 Lydian Solo A tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Now we've practiced the Lydian mode, we're going to use it. This time we'll play 2 simple guitar solos together, to form a harmony. All using just the notes from the 2 Lydian scales seen previously. The 2 guitar parts are going to be shown in one ActionTab. Both are very simple:

Low Melody - First we repeat the low melody (twice). This is just using notes from the low Lydian scale shown here.

High Melody - Next we switch to show the high melody (twice). This is just using notes from the higher Lydian scale shown here.

Throughout you can hear both guitars playing. Playing two or more melodies together is called a harmony. In this case you cannot play both hamonies together on one guitar. However, when writing music for more than one instrument (or when considering vocal lines), it is very useful to work out harmony lines. In this example we make particular use of the B note in both melodies. B is the note that distinguishes the F Lydian mode apart from the standard F major scale. It's one of the main notes to emphasize when making Lydian melodies.

Low B note - High B note

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