Into the Lungs of Hell (Dave)

Animated Into the Lungs of Hell (Dave) tab by Megadeth on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the epic instrumental opener on the Megadeth album 'So Far, So Good...So What!?' Here is Dave's Rhythm guitar part. This is from one of the big-daddies of speed metal, so expect fast parts!

The rhythm guitar is played tight and fast, but the fingerings are not too complex. However, the lead guitar part is very technical, fast and has some unusual fingertapping techniques in it. Jeff Young was lead guitarist for the band at the time (after Chris Poland and before Marty Friedman). We'll look at his flashy stuff in the next ActionTab.

NB The lead guitar isn't included in the normal speed audio for this ActionTab because it would interfere too much with hearing this guitar part.

Before looking at the lead, make sure you can get through the powerchords and riffs here first. It's fast, chunky and metal....and a heck of a lot of fun to play!

For the most part, belt out the powerchord progressions you see in the ActionTab (the progressions are rooted in the Key of E minor). Remember to Palm mute between your powerchord strikes. Use downstrokes for nearly everything - palm muted or not, except for the alternate picked part here. Your fretboard hand won't have much to do here, but your picking hand will have a full workout by comparison. This part is palm muted / alternate-picked like fury!

To do it, keep the flat edge of your palm rested on the Low E string and work on consistent down / up picking. Keep the pick tip as close as you can to the string while you pick, and try to keep each stroke in constant time. Don't strike the string too hard or it will take longer to recover for the next down / up stroke.

Also, for this style of speed picking, don't practice too slowly - try and keep it moderately fast. Whenever you can play for long stretches with consistency (no breaks in your down / up strokes, or speeding up / slowing down during play), then step up the pace, and do it again - even faster. That way you'll push out of your comfort zone. If you are quite new to metal guitar then don't overdo it. Play for 30 mins, then give it a break to allow your arm to recover!

If you are getting pain (beyond the normal 'muscle fatigue' of practicing something new) then stop and check your technique. Don't lock your forearm and tense up your wrist too much - you should be able to pick fast without over-straining your muscles! Relax that forearm and rest your palm on the string (for the palm muting).

You do need some effort from your forearm muscles, but your pick movement should mainly be from the wrist. Not machine-gunning everything along your forearm from a locked elbow, instead just use 'light and fast' micro-movements from your wrist. This gives you greater economy-of-movement and precision. All for minimum effort. That's the key to speed picking (metal or otherwise)!

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