In the Flesh

Animated In the Flesh tab by Pink Floyd on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the epic intro song for The Wall album. It's a nice easy song to learn, and it sounds great. You will need to switch between a distorted and clean guitar sound.

There is a slowish epic feel to the distorted guitar parts, and the clean guitar involves picking through some simple chords.

The toughest part is the little blues lick played not far into the song. If you are new to guitar just skip that part for now and come back to it later. The rest of the distorted guitar is much easier to learn and play.

There is a harmony played on another guitar over this main riff. We'll look at that later in another ActionTab. Notice that the riff here is pretty straightforward, but there are some quick little muted strikes. You can skip playing them and still sound great, so just omit them if they are tripping you up.

For the clean guitar part, just pick through these chords (usually twice through):

A major - D major - A major - D major - A major - A, Bb, to B minor - C# minor - E major

Repeat that a few times, then hit the distortion and repeat the main riff once more. Finish with an epic powerchord ending.

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