Houses of the Holy (Solo)

Animated Houses of the Holy (Solo) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is Jimmy Page's solo which occurs throughout the song outro. It's not for beginners, as it is a fast solo with some quite tricky timing.

He starts off by using the A Pentatonic minor scale, in typical blues / rock style. Jimmy was particularly fond of this scale and used it a lot for solos (e.g. Stairway to Heaven). He mainly uses the 'E shape' pentatonic minor scale at fret 5 (which gives us the A minor pentatonic).

Scales work the same as chords in this way...

If you play an open E minor chord, you get E. But if you shift the chord up to the 5th fret (barre chord), you get an A minor chord instead. The exact same logic applies to scale shapes. If you play an open E pentatonic minor scale, that is what you get. But you can shift the same scale pattern up to fret 5 (use your 1st finger to replace the open string notes). Then you will be playing an A pentatonic minor scale instead.

This is very useful because you can learn 1 scale and use it to create solos over almost any backing chord. All you need to know is - what the backing chord is, and where that root note can be found along the Low E string. So, if the backing chord is G minor, then play the scale at fret 3. If it is B minor, then fret 7.

If you would like to practice the Pentatonic minor scale (and of all scales you should know this one - especially if you are a blues / rock fan) - go here.

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