House of the Rising Sun

Animated House of the Rising Sun tab by The Animals on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This song is also an exercise from the Core Skills section on Fingerpicking.

This ultra-famous song is played using fingerpicking patterns. Now you should know enough about fingerpicking to be able to attempt it!

Here are the chords and their respective patterns in the order they appear in the ActionTab:

A minor - T12321
C major - T12321
D major - T12321
F major - T12321
A minor - T12321
E major - T12321
A minor - T12321
E7 chord - T123

How do you eat an elephant? One chunk at a time. Often when learning longer tunes it makes sense to break it up into little chunks. Practice the first chunk until you've got it, then move to the next. Then start sewing them together. For example here...practice the 1st chord and get it right, then practice the next chord. Then work on putting them together in order. When you've done that, just move on to the 3rd and do it all again.

The hardest part is getting smooth chord changes. This does take time, but becomes much more natural once your fingers get familiar with the actions (and get stronger from just practice). Just get it right slowly first, it doesn't matter how slow, and then build up your speed.

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