Hotel California (Muted)

Animated Hotel California (Muted) tab by Eagles on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Throughout most of the song there is one electric guitar (standard tuned) which plays a simple muted rhythm. Here it is. You really don't need to know it to play the song, but it's still nice practice (especially for beginners). Plus, it's how the Eagles recorded the song, so we're showing it.

Just mute across the strings around frets 9 / 11. You don't have to use the chord shape we show here (the strings are all muted after all). Although this is probably the best way to get the right sound. For more on the muting technique go here.

The rest is all down to the strumming. This guitar's function in the song is to add that nice little reggae-type rhythm. There are no chords or any notes played, just the simple down/up strum you can see here. It doesn't get any more complicated than that. Practice along with the ActionTab until you get it tight, then play along with the normal speed version. This will help you develop your timing and muting technique.

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