Hopoff 13

Animated Hopoff 13 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on the Hammer On / Pull Off Combination.

This is another riff / chord exercise using the Hammer on / pull off combination. This time we use some palm muting and standard hammers (just by themselves).

Note that there is a bit of positional play to pay attention to here. Firstly, when playing the G powerchord, notice the 'prepare note' symbol X appears. This simply means fret that note at the exact same time that you hold the G note (3rd fret). So that you can instantly pick the D note (fret 5 on the A string) and play it straightaway. Notice that the X disappears as soon as that note is picked!

Just after that part you need to move your fingers up by a fret in order to play the hammers / pull offs. Move your hand into position as you palm mute the Low E string with your other hand. This will afford you the time you need to play the whole thing seamlessly.

Again, it may help you to divide the riff into manageable segments. Work on those segments individually until you can play them competently, then work on sewing them together.

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