Honky Tonk Woman (Fills)

Animated Honky Tonk Woman (Fills) tab by The Rolling Stones on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

We've seen the main rhythm and lead guitar parts. This 3rd guitar is used to double up some of the fills that the main lead guitar plays. It's just an extra layer to the lead guitar licks.

These are all very short guitar licks using the E pentatonic minor scale around fret 12. They are very similar in style. Once you have got a few of them down, the rest will be easy.

Use the same lead guitar sound we talked about in the main lead (i.e. a 'dirty edge' to a basic clean sound). And stay in standard tuning:

Low E:A:D:G:B:E

You can hear all guitars together this time as we add this final guitar. There isn't much to it. We've turned it up louder than the others so you can tell it apart. It just adds a few extra fills over the main lead guitar in the following places:

Fill 1 - This comes in just before the first chorus.

Fill 2 - This comes not long after the first fill, during the chorus.

Fill 3 - There is a large gap before this fill comes in (while the verse is sung). This fill appears just before the second chorus.

Fill 4 - This appears shortly afterwards, during the second chorus.

Fill 5 - Soon after Fill 4 the main lead guitar plays on through to the end of the song. Whereas this guitar just occasionally plays short fills instead.

Fill 6 - This appears after quite a while, just before the last chorus / outro.

Fill 7 - This fill appears not long afterwards, during the outro.

Fill 8 - Another outro fill.

Fill 9 - Last fill before the song ends.

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