Hey There Delilah

Animated Hey There Delilah tab by Plain White T's on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a figerpicked tune. As far as fingerpicking goes, it's pretty simple stuff. The whole song involves plucking the bass note with your thumb, immediately followed by 2 notes plucked together by your fingers. Just keep repeating that throughout. The other good thing about the song is that there are only 4 main riffs to learn:

Verse Riff 1 - The verse can be broken down into 2 parts. This first part is very easy. Just alternate between this D major shape and this F# minor.

Verse Riff 2 - As it comes time to finish off the verse, he changes to play this little chord progression. It functions as a 'turnaround' i.e. a link between song sections. After this A major chord just go back to playing the first verse riff again.

Chorus - The first time the chorus riff appears is just after the second turnaround riff (verse riff 2). It is very similar to the turnaround riff, but is easier because there are only 3 basic chord shapes to keep repeating. Just be aware that you need to use the 4th finger to play the D major shapes because you'll need to use the 3rd finger elsewhere during this part.

The only way to avoid this is to use your thumb to play the C# note instead of the 3rd finger. Only a minority of people will find this easier, but give it a go and see if it suits you.

Bridge - This is a longer riff, and comes in after the 2nd chorus. Although it is a bit longer than the other riffs, it is actually quite easy to play because the chord shapes are the same as all the previous riffs, just in a different order. It ends after this A major chord, then play the last verse / chorus to finish the song.

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