Hells Bells

Animated Hells Bells tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is an awesome song from the legendary 'Back in Black' Album. For those about to rock, here is some useful ActionTab info about the song first:

Most of the song riffs are based around simple powerchord progressions. Keep your fingers in the standard E, A and D barre shapes and you can't go far wrong.

One fairly tricky part of the song is just after the intro. You need to play the open A powerchord and drop in a low G note, then move to the open D powerchord and drop in the C note in much the same way. The strumming directions will help you work this part out and get it right.

Even though the chords and notes are fairly simple to play with your fretting hand, you will need a good degree of control with your strumming hand to get this part tight.

Getting the open chords to stop suddenly requires muting the strings quickly. To do this you may find it best to use both hands - mute strings on the fretboard, and at the same time, dampen the strings with your strumming hand - this will kill any open string notes.

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