Haunted House 2

Animated Haunted House 2 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Like the 'Haunted House' ActionTab, this tune could be the intro of a horror soundtrack. Some atmospheric sound effects (door creaking, wind rushing through the trees etc) were so tempting to add...However, we can't distract too much away from the purpose of this lesson.

This ActionTab shows some fingerpicking patterns and variations around some simple 'eerie' chords. The basic 5 chord sequence is:

Bb maj7 (starts with a b5th)
Ab sus4 (starts as an aug 5)
F# dim
E dim
D minor

This sequence is repeated twice.

Some of these chord changes are difficult to get smoothly - especially between the first two chords. Keep practicing and you'll get it!

Practice the fingerpicking pattern on the first chord until your fingers are so used to plucking the same pattern you don't have to think about them. This will help you free up the concentration needed to move smoothly between these different chords.

The 2 fingerpicking patterns here are:

1. T12(ho)3212 - Repeat this 4 times over the first 2 chords. The (ho) is the hammer on played on the fretboard. Allow a gap in your fingerpicking to let this note sound out before playing the top E string with your 3rd finger.

2. T1213212 - Repeats 2 times for the last 3 chords. This pattern is almost the same as the first except the hammer on is replaced by playing the notes along the G string with your first finger. This maintains the timing, but subtly changes the flow of the chordal melody.

One last thing - the D minor chord at the end of this 5 chord sequence is best played as the ActionTab shows - with the first finger fretting the top E AND B strings at the 5th fret. The reason for this is that when you come to the next chord (the start of the entire 5 chord sequence repeats again from this point, so this is the Bb maj7 chord), your fingers are already in the perfect place to play the next chord easily.

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