Harmonics 6

Animated Harmonics 6 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Harmonics.

Here the riff starts by stabbing a C# Powerchord, with some muting and then repeatedly picking a harmonic over the 4th fret. Your 1st finger will already be in a good position to reach this harmonic.

Here we break the rules a little bit. Don't lift your finger off the harmonic. Because we are picking it fast, it won't matter about lifting the finger off to get a good clean note. By the time the harmonic note would otherwise decay or mute, it has already been struck again. It would be pointless to try and keep lifing your finger off the string inbetween each strike!

However, when it comes to picking down across the 3 harmonics on the A, D and G strings at the 4th fretwire, DO lift your finger off as you pick the last harmonic. This will ensure it sounds out loud and clear.

The harmonic notes on the 4th fretwire that we are playing here are:

C# (this is also the one that is repeatedly picked) - F# - B.

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