Hammer Head Attack in A Minor

Animated Hammer Head Attack in A Minor tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Fast and Furious...and look No Hands!!! Well, just the left one.

Q: How to play fast licks with one hand?

A: Hammer ons and pull offs

A short exercise showing you how to give that right hand a breather and let the left one take over.

Hammer onto the note as shown, at the same time hammer or place your index finger on the note 2 frets behind just a split second later. This way it won't sound out until you pull off your 3rd finger again. As soon as you have done this, instantly pull off your index finger to sound the open string. Without any pause repeat the process on the next string shown.

Listen carefully to the actiontab - You can hear a slight bend in pitch as you pull off the index finger. This is because when you pull off a note it helps to bend it just a little before releasing the string. This way your pull offs become clean and play as loud as a picked note!

This exercise is excellent for developing left hand speed, technique and finger strength.

The piece ends with Simple C G A powerchords, so wake your right hand up.

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