Guitar, Flute & Strings

Animated Guitar, Flute & Strings tab by Moby on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is a nice guitar piece from the 'Play' album. It's a great fingerpicking exercise, and once you've cracked the fingerpicking pattern, you'll find the rest is actually quite easy. There are only 4 chords in the whole tune!

E Minor - D major mostly, with A minor and D minor occasionally used later in the song.

The fingerpicking pattern is very consistent. For most of the song, each chord is fingerpicked with the same pattern:

T 2 1 T 3 2 1 T 2 1 T 3 2 1 T 3

Now that may seem like a nightmare, but it's actually just a combination of shorter fingerpicking segments...

T 2 1 - T 3 2 1 - T 2 1 - T 3 2 1 - T 3

Notice that it's really just T 2 1 - T 3 2 1 repeated twice, and then a quick T 3 before changing to the next chord (with your fretboard hand) and repeating the whole pattern again. If lost, use the Tablature View in the Menu to see the pattern more easily.

Your fretboard fingers are staying in the same place for each chord, so you can concentrate almost entirely on your fingerpicking hand for this song. Also, learn to assign a finger to a particular string. This will help you get through the song much faster.

So for E minor and D major, using assigned fingers too, and a similar fingerpicking pattern:

Low E string - Thumb
A string - 1st finger
D string - 2nd finger
G string - 3rd finger

So, for example, any note played along the A string is always played using the 1st finger only. Any note along the Low E string is to be played by your thumb only, and so on.

Doing this and practicing until it becomes natural is very important. Then you won't even have to think about which finger should play what string - it'll come automatically. Try it with just the first E minor chord over and over (no chord changes) until you have the pattern down without even thinking about it. Then hold the next D major chord and your fingers will automatically find their way through it.

The A minor chord is played starting from the Low A:

A string - Thumb
D string - 1st finger
G string - 2nd finger
B string - 3rd finger

But the logic is the same. Use assigned fingers for each string. Also notice the fingerpicking pattern is basically the same as before, but with a slight difference. This hammer on replaces one of the fingerpicked notes. It's just a slight variation on the previous pattern. By the time you get to this chord, you'll be more than capable of handling it!

Also, there is a D minor used in the song. Well, it's more of a little descending bassline really. The fingerpicking pattern remains the same as for the first beloved E minor and D major chords:

T 2 1 - T 3 2 1 - T 2 1 - T 3 2 1 - T 3

However, the bass notes are altered on the fretboard, making this perhaps the trickiest part in the entire song to learn. And it's not too bad to get - especially if you're getting the hang of that assigned finger business! Your thumb will itch to go at the right string at the right time, but you'll need to get your fretboard hand to play the right notes! A little practice will do it :)

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