Gothic (Rhythm)

Animated Gothic (Rhythm) tab by Paradise Lost on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the rhythm guitar for Paradise Lost's Gothic song. We've already looked at Gregor Mackintosh's slow lead style. It's good stuff, and quite beginner friendly. The rhythm guitar is even simpler. If you're into moody, dark chord changes then take a look. We've taken out the lead guitar to avoid confusion.

We're sticking to the original Tuning of:

Low Eb:Ab:Db:Gb:Bb:Eb

Song Parts:

Intro - Simple powerchords ending with this little lick. Repeat.

Chorus - A short repetitive series of chords. This little sequence is used throughout the song.

Verse - Simple powerchords followed by the same descending lick we saw in the Lead guitar part. It's the trickiest part to play, but stick at it and you'll get it up to speed. Just keep repeating this short sequence until...

Interlude 1 - Very simple sequence of (mostly) powerchords.

Chorus - Again.

Solo - Quite similar chords to the verse are used here while the solo is played on the lead guitar. Then revert to the intro riffs again.

From here on out all the song parts are just the same as before except for:

Interlude 2 - The second orchestral interlude, with nice powerchords on top. Like cherries they are :)

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