Good Times Bad Times

Animated Good Times Bad Times tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is one of Zeppelin's most famous songs. Here we look at the main guitar part, including all the lead licks. If you want to play the song live, this is what to do. There are a couple of rhythm fills played during the choruses on a second guitar. We'll look at those later in separate ActionTabs.

Intro - Just double stab and then mute this E5 chord.

Verse Riff 1 - Start with the double stab on E5 (again), mute and then do this little riff. Repeat lots.

Beware, the timing of the notes in the riff can be tricky to get at first. Get it right slowly and get it consistent. When you can, play along with the ActionTab. Get consistent with that, and then work at playing along with the normal speed audio. Don't be surprised if it takes a while, it's one of Zeppelin's more intricate riffs.

Chorus 1 - Played around fret 12.

Verse Riff 2 - Similar structure to Verse Riff 1, but played down at Fret 2 and the open position.

Chorus 2 - Played lower down the neck this time.

Lead - From here on out Jimmy Page plays some mighty lead solo licks. Not for beginners. If you do work at it, don't forget to use the Bookmark Feature.

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