Gone Shootin (Malcom)

Animated Gone Shootin (Malcom) tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Here's some stodgy rock riffing from AC/DC. This song uses a very basic rock progression and Malcom plays the backing chords throughout. Here we look at Malcom's guitar alone. In the next ActionTab we'll add Angus on Lead guitar.

Malcom's part is more beginner friendly, so we'll start by looking at it. Remember the golden rules - go as slow as you need and get it right before building speed. Also, break the song up into little chunks. Practice the chunks one at a time and get them right, then move to the next chunk.

The chord riffs here are quite easy, but it will take time to get tight with the timing. Let's break the song down, riff by riff:

Intro - The song is in the key of F# minor. And here Malcom just keeps playing the F#5 powerchord and holding it (4 times).

Verse - This riff is short, repetitive and constitutes 70% of the song. Play the following chords:

F#5 - E5 - B5 - end with a quick palm mute on the B5 and just keep repeating from the start. You must use muting between chord strikes to get those rhythmic pulses right.

Turnaround - A turnaround is a short chord progression that ends a previous section of music and links nicely to the next section (which in this case is more of the previous verse riff again). He uses some single notes between powerchords, which are:

C#5 - B5 - A5

Notice that there are some palm muted / muted strikes this time. This just gives some more punch to the rhythm.

Solo Backing - Everything else up to this point of the song is just more of the previous verse / turnaround riffs repeating. Then comes the solo played by Angus. Meanwhile Malcom just keeps playing between the F#5 - E5 chords. Very straightforward stuff and repeats a lot until the end of the solo where he plays another turnaround:

Tunraround 2 - Play a couple of notes and then descend through the following powerchords:

C#5 - B5 - A5 - Then straight back to the verse riff again.

Break - The song then winds down for a pause on the following chords:

E5 - B5 - B5 - E major - B5 - E5

Ending - Keep playing the F#5 chord. Just like the intro - play and hold 4 times. Then add more strums / muting to the same F#5 until the end.

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