Gone Shootin (Angus)

Animated Gone Shootin (Angus) tab by AC/DC on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

As we saw from Malcom's rhythm guitar, this song follows a simple rock chord progression in the key of F# minor. Here we look at Angus on Lead guitar.

Intro - Repeat this little 'box' lick from the F# minor scale 3 times. On the 4th time it ends with a different note (C# instead of F#).

Verse - This is by far the main song riff. Short and repetitive, once you know it you'll know most of the song! Angus plays this riff down at the 2nd fret / open position on the record, but sometimes does it differently in live performances.

Turnaround - A turnaround is a short chord progression that ends a previous section of music and links nicely to the next section (which in this case is more of the previous verse riff again). He plays:

B note - C#5 - B5 - A5

Solo - Everything else up to this point of the song is just more of the previous verse / turnaround riffs repeating. Then comes the solo played by Angus. It's his usual blues rock lead style, with plenty of bends and clever little touches. Not ideal for beginners, but intermediates should pick it up with practice.

Variation - The next riff to appear in the song is this one. It's just a variation of the main verse riff, and is slightly easier to play. Like the main riff, it's short and repeats (only a few times though).

Ending - Just bounce between the 2nd and 4th frets here until the end. Use muting to punctuate the notes as shown.

That's all the riffs you need to rock your way through the entire song!

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