Animated Golden Brown tab by The Stranglers on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Although this song was mainly played using a harpsichord, we've transcribed it into straightforward guitar chords. This makes it much easier to play and sing along with. We're playing in standard tuning, however if you wish to play in tune with the original song you will need a capo at fret 1.

There are only 2 song sections to learn, each with simple chord progressions. However, the strumming / chord changes are quite fast, so you'll need to practice each section for a while. Just take your time and go as slow as you need to. Get it right before getting it fast.

1st Progression

A minor - E minor - F major - Then play these 3 notes: C - B - A

Notice that the chords are sometimes muted. You can do this with both hands. With your strumming hand use the edge of your palm (just like when palm muting). Plus you can stop the strings with your fretboard hand, using any free fingers to mute them.

Play this progression 3 times and on the 4th time (just before the verse / singing begins) play this variation:

A minor - E minor - G major - F major

2nd Progression

After that it's time for the verse. This is just switching between 2 chords:

D minor - C add9

Notice that there is a brief open strum between these chords. This is just strumming whilst the fingers move between chord shapes. Doing this affords you a bit of time to switch between chords, without losing the rhythm. It is a very common technique, but won't work with all types of chords. If the first progression is giving you trouble you can use the same method to give yourself more time to switch fingers between chords.

That is all you need to play the song. If you are interested in the main vocal melody and solo we have also included them here:

Vocal Melody - Just playing the verse melody using lead guitar.

Solo - The solo is rather nice too. To get this type of sound it is best to use neck pickups, full tone, no distortion, and plenty of reverb. Notice there are lots of hammers / pull offs and that towards the end of the solo, the 1st and 2nd fingers are mostly used.

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