Funk Basics - Guitar 2

Animated Funk Basics - Guitar 2 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone series on Funk Basics. Go there to learn more about funk guitar and the power of groove.

This guitar part is layered over the previous one (Funk Basics - Guitar 1), however, we've taken out the first guitar from the ActionTab so you can follow this new guitar layer easier. The normal speed audio contains both guitars together. Once you have this part down, try playing along with the normal speed audio.

Beware: This is a fast ActionTab, the strumming pattern is faster and busier than Guitar 1. If you are stuck, start with the slower versions (found in the associated Jamzone article). These will be easier to loop and practice with until you get it tight and can start building speed with this ActionTab.

If you are brave and haven't looked at the other two ActionTabs yet, then read on...otherwise, you'll have a serious case of deja vu.

This first part of Guitar 2 involves picking out a simple C minor arpeggio.

The notes are: G C Eb G C Eb C (repeat 4 times)

The arpeggio may seem a little strange out on its own like this, but remember we have a 3rd and final layer to add. This arpeggio will set that 3rd guitar up nicely. You'll see why when we get to that.

Once you can play this arpeggio it's time to move onto the second part for Guitar 2. That is where the main focus of this article is centred....the funk!

The key to getting this guitar part down is to learn Funk Basics - Guitar 1 first. Then your hands will be already familiar with the chord changes and rhythm. All we are doing with this Guitar part is elaborating on that same rhythm, mainly by adding in faster strums. Keep your wrist constantly moving up and down, applying pressure and releasing pressure with your fretboard hand to alternate between chord stabs and muted strumming.

Guitar 1 was: Cm x Bm Cm x (repeat) (where 'x' means a muted strike).

Guitar 2 (in this ActionTab) is: Cm Cm Cm Cm Cm Bm Cm x * x x x x (repeat 3 times)

Fourth time, play: Cm Cm * Cm Cm Bm Cm x * x x x x

The * is where you skip a strum. In other words, keep your wrist strumming up and down constantly, but on those strokes, just don't contact the strings. Like here and here (press play to see).

After that first funky part, just do the little Cm arpeggio again. Your fingers should already be in position from playing the previous Cm Chord to comfortably switch into picking through this arpeggio. Then straight back to play through this funky rhythm again:

Cm Cm Cm Cm Cm Bm Cm x * x x x x (repeat 3 times)

Fourth time, play Cm Cm * Cm Cm Bm Cm x * x x x x

Loop this ActionTab and keep at it until you start getting the co-ordination and technique right. When you can play it tight, it is important to build speed. If you are struggling in any way, go to the slower ActionTabs (in the Jamzone) and work at playing along with that slower pace before coming back to this one.

Don't give up! Once you can get the rhythmic muting and chord stabs mixing together like this, you'll have learned one of the most important and fundamental rhythm techniques on guitar! You will be well on your way to Funk God status.

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