Funk Basics - Guitar 1 (Slowed)

Animated Funk Basics - Guitar 1 (Slowed) tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This ActionTab is from the Jamzone on Funk Basics. It shows the first of 3 guitar layers - read the associated article in the Jamzone to find out more about Funk style. Also make sure to watch the Introduction to Muting video in the Core Skills Section!

Here we isolate the guitar layer, slow it, and remove the backing so you can work at it if you struggled with the main ActionTab. Remember to build up speed once you get the rhythm tight and regular. Go back to the Main ActionTab and make sure you can play along with it.

The 2 chords we use here are C minor and B minor - both using the same E minor barre chord shape. This sounds good, and also means you can concentrate more on your strumming hand than your fretboard hand. That's simply because your fretboard hand is doing much of the same, so there's no awkward chord changes to worry about. However, you will still need to co-ordinate your hands together at the right moments. Applying pressure quickly onto the frets to get the chord stabs, and releasing pressure to get that funky rhythmic 'click'.

Keep your wrist semi-relaxed, and play from it - not your elbow. Watch the video again to see how to use your strumming hand. Funk is all in the wrist. When we start adding more guitar layers, you'll see how important this poise is for fast strumming.

It's very important to get the 'groove' in your blood. Listen to the tune looped until you 'just know' the rhythm. This will help your fingers find their way - particularly your strumming hand. The Rhythm is Cm x Bm Cm x (repeat) where 'x' means a muted strike. Notice that every stroke is a downstroke except the Bm, which is an upstroke. Doing this may take practice, and if you are struggling, try playing along with this slowed version (in the Jamzone) on loop until you get it. Then work on speeding up, and return to this ActionTab to test your skills!

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