Foxy Lady (Main)

Animated Foxy Lady (Main) tab by Jimi Hendrix on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is one of the best known songs by legend Jimi Hendrix. There are only a few song parts, but Jimi typically adds flurries and variations throughout the song. This is the main guitar, as usual; we'll look at the solo separately.

Main Riff - You can thumb the F# note (fret 2 of the Low E string) if you prefer, rather than using your 1st finger. Also notice that the 3rd and 4th fingers always play the same kind of thing on the high strings. Our advice is to keep those fingers in place on the strings, and just apply pressure to them when striking the notes. So keep your 3rd finger over fret 4 and your 4th finger over fret 5, that way you can quickly press down on the right notes when you need to play them. Release the pressure from the strings again straight after playing them to get a more 'choppy' effect (because doing that will mute the strings).

Although Jimi does lots of little variations, the basic riff is really just alternating between the low F# and those high notes. Get that, and don't worry about the frills if they're too tricky. Come back to them when ready. Same goes for the choruses.

Chorus 1 - The first chord here is an F# major and you can play it using thumb in the bass if you find that easier. We show that method here. Jimi often used the thumb for playing like this, but not everybody has hands like his.

Chorus 2 - This chorus follows a similar progression to the first chorus, but higher up the neck.

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