Foxy Lady (Lead)

Animated Foxy Lady (Lead) tab by Jimi Hendrix on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Jimi recorded a lead guitar to do the fills and main solo. We show them all here. Basically, the fills are only played during the verses, and are mostly just playing lots of vibrato and hammer / pull off combos around frets 14 and 16. The solo is also played only during verse riffs, and is quite short. If you want to start learning Jimi's solo technique (and you're ready) this is a good one to start with.

Fill 1

Fill 2

Solo - As you might expect, this is more difficult than the fills, but again is only played during the verse. There's no lead guitar during the choruses. Although this is one of Jimi's easier solos to learn, it is still a challenge in places. It's full of Jimi bends and flurries, based in the F# natural minor scale.

If you know your CAGED system, you can see here how Jimi mainly uses the E minor scale pattern at fret 14. It's just like playing around the good old E natural minor scale, except moved up from fret 12 to 14 (this gives us the F# natural minor scale instead because F# is 2 frets higher than E).

The advantage to that good ol' CAGED system is that once you know the underlying scales, you can begin to easily see how things like solos are working. You also don't need to learn more than 1 scale in 5 positions up the neck to be able to play that scale in any key! If you learn the CAGED minor scales (not major in this case) you'll find this solo, and many others will be much easier to understand and follow. For a start, you'll know the notes to use!

Yes, we are hinting that you should go visit the CAGED section.

Fill 3 - Back to the fills around fret 14 again, this time play to the end of the song.

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