Four Sticks (Main)

Animated Four Sticks (Main) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is one of the easier and more fun songs to play from the infamous Led Zep IV album. The song famously got its name because Bonham played the drums using 4 sticks instead of 2.

In order to play it you need to switch between an overdriven, rocky guitar sound (verses) to a clean, acoustic type of guitar sound (chorus / interlude). There is a second guitar in the song, which is very easy indeed and we'll look at that in separate ActionTab.

The unusual thing about this song is the timing. It alternates between 5/8 and 6/8 time signatures. This isn't as difficult as it sounds. Just follow the ActionTab and you'll get it with some practice.

There are only 3 main song parts - The verse, chorus and interlude. The verse and chorus are repeated without changing any notes, and the interlude is only played once:

Verse - Just keep repeating the little 4 note lick (ends each time on a bend), and occasionally do a A5 strike & powerslide down. Repeat lots.

Chorus - This acoustic part sounds lovely. It's much easier to play than it sounds too. Just use the chord shape shown here and move it up and down. The only tricky part is this passing chord, which you don't need to do. You can just move straight down to this chord and it'll sound fine.

You can hear the backing guitar do a single strum (e.g. here) at rhythmic points in the choruses. You can do a straight strum across all the strings here if you wish to emulate it. Try that and you'll see it sounds a lot like the song. It won't be exactly true to the backing chords played on the second guitar, but will sound close enough to get you through it all on one guitar.

Interlude - This follows the last chorus, and stay with a clean sound for it. The chord changes are brisk, but not too difficult.

All the song parts are highly repetitive, which is great. That means you only need to learn a few specific riffs to get through all the song parts. Have fun!

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