Four Sticks (Fills)

Animated Four Sticks (Fills) tab by Led Zeppelin on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This is the second guitar in the song, and it's easy indeed.

Just like the main guitar, you need to switch between an overdriven, rocky guitar sound (verses) to a clean, acoustic type of guitar sound (chorus / interlude).

Here are the 3 main song parts:

Verse - Just keep repeating this simple lick (NB the other guitar does the bend). Like guitar 1, occasionally do the A strike & powerslide down. Repeat lots.

Chorus - Nice Acoustic chord strums while the other guitar carries the melody. Very easy.

Interlude - This follows the last chorus, and stay with a clean sound for it. Notice the string muting between notes here. This just gives the notes extra emphasis in the song.

All the song parts are highly repetitive, which is great. That means you only need to learn a few specific riffs to get through all the song parts. Have fun!

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