Fitzcarraldo (Lead)

Animated Fitzcarraldo (Lead) tab by The Frames on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The lead guitar in Fitzcarraldo is mainly used to play fills at certain points in the song. Most of the fills (and solo) are easy, but the first fill lick is tricky. There are times the lead guitar does nothing, so use the links below to jump to each part:

Fill 1 - This is a short repetitive lead lick. It's unusual, and quite fun to play once you get the hang of it. It's played fast, and requires good string control. This one will take practice. However, it's worth learning because the little techniques used here are useful to know.

It's the slides in this lick that require the most attention. Particularly the downslides / pulloffs. You need to slide down and pull off the note in a single fluid movement. If you do it right, it will sound smooth and clear. The pull off needs to be so fast you hardly notice it. You can use your 4th finger instead of the 3rd finger for this part of the lick, but it's a little easier using the 3rd finger due to it's extra strength (plus it's how the band play it). Just practice that little technique over and over until you get it, then work on the rest of the lick.

Fill 2 - This fill is used to beef up the choruses. Use overdrive / distortion for your guitar sound. It's very simple, starting with single notes as the chorus approaches, then powerchords to thicken the chorus when it arrives.

Solo - The solo is nice and simple. All single notes, and nothing too fast.

Outro - Nice and easy, this is just a simple lick repeated over and over until the end of the song.

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