Finger Tapping L5

Animated Finger Tapping L5 tab by ActionTab on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

This exercise is from the Core Skills section on Fingertapping.

This exercise follows on from the previous one - so make sure you can play it first!

Here we play the same fingertapped triplet on the high E string:

E (12th fret) C (8th fret) A (5th fret).

Then we play the same pattern of notes on the adjacent B string:

B (12th fret) G (8th fret) E (5th fret).

Repeat the triplet 4 times per string before switching strings.

This is more difficult than it looks, because we are switching strings. The art is in making the switch without any gaps and without making adjacent strings sound out. Doing this involves a lot more finger control and precision than the previous exercise. Be careful that clothing etc isn't getting in the way - and remember you can use your strumming hand palm to mute strings as you tap (shown in the introduction video).

Incidentally, the first repeating triplet (on the high E string) gives us the core triad notes for the A minor chord (A - C - E). The second repeating triplet on the B string gives us the minor triad of an E minor chord (E - G - B). The great thing is that ALL these notes appear in the respective scales for both E minor and A minor (and C major for that matter). For those with a smattering of theory knowledge - notice that this means you could solo with this whole lick over any of those chords and it'll sound good!

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