Fake Tales of San Francisco (Guitar 2)

Animated Fake Tales of San Francisco (Guitar 2) tab by Arctic Monkeys on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

The second guitar in this song is even easier than the first! Whilst Guitar 1 is playing through the B pentatonic minor lick, this guitar is just picking away on the double notes F# + B and E + A. Mute the strings between strikes, and be aware that after this point the lick changes a little bit. One of the note strikes is skipped.

That is the main difference to Guitar 1. The only other difference is that during the powerchord thumping part, this guitar doesn't come in until well after guitar 1. Also, although this guitar does play the same powerchord sequence as guitar 1, it doesn't play the little 3 note lick at the end of each chord sequence (you can hear the bass do it though). In other words, just batter out these powerchords with no frills...

B5 - G5 - E5 - B5 (repeat).

The outro is exactly the same as Guitar 1, except, come in a little later - here.

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