Every Breath You Take

Animated Every Breath You Take tab by The Police on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

Every Breath You Take by the Police uses Eb tuning on guitar. If you are playing this song in standard E tuning you need to shift everything down by one fret, and long fingers.

The guitar uses the same picking patterns (palm muted) for each chord shape - As demonstrated in the ActionTab. This arpeggio style of picking chords is a great form of practice.

If you are having difficulties with the pace / chord changes, remember this is quite a difficult tune to get your fingers used to. Don't worry - with practice you will get it. If you have big problems with the finger stretches try playing the whole tune up a few frets. This will get your fingers used to playing out the tune higher up the neck (where the frets are smaller, so the finger stretches are easier). Once you can play the riffs at a higher fret, move down a fret until you can play it there, and then down another fret etc until you can play the tune at the correct fret position.

Have fun!

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