Epic (Guitar 1)

Animated Epic (Guitar 1) tab by Faith No More on guitar. So easy you'll be playing in minutes.

There are 2 guitars in this riffy song. Both play the exact same riffs for most of the time, but will sometimes diverge to play harmonies. This happens during the solo and a few other places. Overall you need only really learn this Guitar 1 part to play the song although you may prefer some solo licks from the second guitar.

Here are the song parts:

Intro / Chorus Riff - Just ascend through the following powerchords:

E5 - B5 - C5 - D5 - E5 Then end on this Little Riff

After this riff there is quite a long gap while Mike Patton sings. Then repeat the same Intro / Chorus Riff again, followed by:

Filler Riff - Use the Low E along with the E7 chord shape in a funky kind of way. Then end on this little ascending arpeggio.

First harmony - This next part is similar to the normal chorus riff, except that from the C5 chord play through the octave chord sequence shown, meanwhile the other guitar plays a slightly different octave chord sequence.

Remember that octave chords are a bit like powerchords, except you need to lightly touch the middle string. This mutes the middle string. Even though you still strum it, the string is drowned out by the fretted notes either side.

What is it? - As Mike Patton sings 'what is it?' chug away at this heavy E5 riff.

There is an extended version of this riff later in the song - like here. Watch out at the end as the picking switches to triplets (just add an upstroke).

All the rest of the song riffs are very much the same up to that point in the song. Then we have the following:

Pre-Solo - This builds up to the solo and involves another harmony using octave chords.

Solo - This is really great stuff from Jim Martin. There is a second guitar (shown in the next ActionTab) which plays a harmony. Pick whichever you like most, they're both excellent (and quite simple as far as solos usually go)!

Outro - This is just more of the same stuff we've seen so far. Plenty of harmony with the Octave chords, the second guitar alternates those, and you can see that in the next ActionTab!

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